There are multiple ways to set up and use DSTAR on the IC-9700, each with pros and cons. The Terminal Mode using the External Gateway function is great for two reasons:

  1. It is easy to configure. There are only a few things to configure on the IC-9700, and a few settings on the hotspot. I’m using a Raspberry Pi running Pi-Star.

2. It eliminates RF (even WiFi if you like), instead using cabled connections from the radio to the gateway and beyond. Minimize possible problems!

I set this up in my shack using the OPC-2350LU cable that had long been tucked away deep in my ID-51 accessories bag.

First, just as you would with any method of using DSTAR, register your callsign with a gateway server local to you. I also went to MENU > SET > My Station > and set My Call Sign (DV), as well as My Call Sign (DD), using my call sign and a suffix to represent my radio, like so “N4RL /9700”. I also decided to put my City and State in the optional TX Message (DV) field.

Next, go to MENU > SET > Connectors > USB (B)/DATA Function > and set it to DV Data.

And last of all, go to MENU > 2 > DV GW > and set Gateway Select to External Gateway (DATA). This is also where you will select <<Terminal Mode>> to connect to your gateway. Once, again, I’m using a Raspberry Pi running Pi-Star.

I’m finding it handy to just go into the Pi-Star console to see the action and manage reflector linking from there. I will do a separate post on how I have the Pi-Star set up.

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