In part 1 of this series I share my thoughts on selecting the best spot in my home in which to build my humble shack. 

I live in a historic home in a small town in North Carolina. I’m a stone’s throw from downtown. The lot has a small back yard. That is the only reasonable location for HF antennas since the other sides of the house have roads and power lines.

Selection Criteria

  1. Feed Lines – ability and ease of running feed lines from shack to antenna
  2. Grounding – ability to have good ground (safety, lightning. RF)
  3. Power – sufficient clean power, both 110 and 220
  4. Visibility – ability to see antennas is a bonus
  5. Roomy – need enough space to place equipment and operate
  6. Convenient – able to operate any time of day

The first two items on my list are the most important to me.

There is a ground floor room I could use. This would give me a way to put in a decent RF ground system, however, its on the wrong side of the house, seen on the left hand side in the street view. Feedlines will be problematic to the back yard. My other option is a room on the second floor. This will make an RF ground nearly impossible. The distance is too great, but the feedline requirements will be a bit less difficult. Neither location is good, so like a lot of things in amateur radio, the decision will come down to the best compromise.

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